Why Neosec?

Neosec is reinventing application security. Its pioneering SaaS platform gives security professionals visibility into behavior across their entire API estate. Built for organizations that expose APIs to partners, suppliers, and users. Neosec discovers all your APIs, analyzes their behavior, and stops threats lurking inside.

Application Security
in the Cloud

The AI-driven API security platform that protects your business. Open. Extensible. 100% SaaS.

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100% SaaS platform

Built to scale. Built for data analytics.

Neosec is a powerful SaaS security platform that finds threats within data. The data storage, speed, and scale required to perform behavioral analytics is only possible in a cloud deployment.

Unlike other solutions that ignore historical data and only operate on single requests or short sequences of requests, Neosec examines the entire API dataset. This data focus makes Neosec highly accurate at finding threats that others miss.


Data is the difference

More data. Better security.

The strength of Neosec is data stored in its SaaS platform. These data differences mean better security.

  • Comprehensive data set: Continuously ingests and stores data from every API.
  • Accessible archives: Stores historical data and allows access for investigations and threat hunting.
  • Open platform: Accessible and searchable data allows security teams to understand every platform decision.
  • Extensible platform: Open access via Neosec APIs enables security teams to build on their data.
  • Privacy by design: Sanitizes sensitive data before sending it to the Neosec cloud.

Enterprise-wide API discovery

Broader coverage. Better visibility.

Not all API discovery techniques are created equal. When the goal is comprehensive discovery, breadth of coverage is vital. Limiting discovery to per-app sensors is too narrow and can miss shadow APIs or unknown services.

Neosec uses existing API activity data to perform enterprise-wide API discovery, and doesn’t require time-consuming deployment of any sensors or sidecars. Neosec is easy for security teams to deploy, and delivers the broadest coverage.


Context-aware security

Understand behavior. Prevent threats.

Fed up of meaningless alerts? Where Neosec shines is finding the context within the data. Behavioral analytics is the brains of the platform and uncovers the story of both normal use and abnormal abuse.

The data-rich platform enables DevSecOps teams to investigate, hunt, and respond to real threats and know exactly what happened.


Deep security expertise

Bringing XDR techniques to application security.

Members of the Neosec team founded the XDR (Extended Detection and Response) category and bring the same precision behavioral analytics to API security. Their expertise is challenging traditional application security thinking.


An open platform

Build your security program with us.

Tired of black box application solutions? The Neosec platform is designed to be open and extensible and allow security teams to supercharge their security programs by leveraging the data.

Security teams can create unique responses to threats, extend their security capabilities, and solve use cases specific to their own business–all accessed by the Neosec APIs.


Privacy by design

Secure Design. Privacy Assured.

True behavioral analytics requires a vast amount of data, cloud performance, and data privacy. Data is tokenized on-premises, so the Neosec cloud platform does all the heavy lifting on completely sanitized data. Privacy is assured, by design.