Helping F5 Customers’ Discover and Protect their APIs with Neosec’s Behavioral Analytics Security Solution

API Detection and Response Solution for F5

Together, Neosec and F5 deliver a combined solution that is a first of its kind in discovering and protecting APIs. It brings together the Neosec ability to continuously discover APIs and its behavioral analytics approach to security with the ability to manage and automatically remediate and respond to threats in the F5 BIG-IP.

Digital transformation is driving the exponential increase in API rollouts, enabling organizations to remain relevant and accelerate their business with new revenue streams. But APIs are now a growing and significant attack surface that requires a different type of protection. APIs expose core business functionality by nature, their implementation is distributed and often not uniform, and CI/CD pipelines ensure they are in constant flux.

API Security Challenges Solved


Maintain an API Inventory

You cannot protect what you don’t know about. Undiscovered, undocumented, or shadow APIs deployed by distributed teams are a problem for every organization.


Understand Your API Risk Posture

After discovering your API estate, knowing which ones pose the most risk is critical. Understanding which APIs transmit sensitive data is vital during any risk audit.


Protect Against OWASP API Top 10 Vulnerabilities

Adequately protecting your APIs from vulnerabilities is difficult in ever changing agile organizations and traditional security techniques like signature matching are insufficient.


Detect Attacks from Authenticated Users

Business logic abuse, misuse of legitimate access, and account takeover often go undetected as traditional tools lack the context required for detecting API attacks.


See Behavior with Business Context

Without the correct tools, seeing all your API usage data over time and understanding the business context of abusive behavior is impossible.


Investigate and Hunt API Activity

Attempting to investigate API-related incidents, find indicators of compromise, or troubleshoot a user’s problem requires retained data and the correct tools.


Load Balancer and WAF with API Security

The joint solution between F5 and Neosec integrates the F5 BIG-IP platform that includes modules like load balancer and firewall with an enterprise class security platform that discovers all your APIs (not just those managed by F5), and protects your APIs from business abuse and data theft.

Discover APIs. Understand Behavior. Prevent Threats.

Neosec is reinventing application security. Its pioneering SaaS platform gives security professionals visibility into behavior across their entire API estate. Built for enterprise organizations that expose or consume APIs with partners, suppliers, and users. Neosec discovers all your APIs, analyzes their behavior, and stops attacks, abuse and misuse.


Discovery & Risk Audit

Discover your entire API estate without adding another sensor. Visibility into your API inventory is easy and takes minutes. Easily perform an audit to know which APIs are risky or vulnerable. context required for detecting API attacks.


Investigations & Threat Hunting

Powerful investigation capabilities allow you to understand risky behavior. Easily investigate alerts and hunt for threats hiding in your API traffic.


Behavioral Analytics & Context

The Neosec brain is an analytics engine that examines all your API usage data over time. Prevent abuse with context-aware security and see all activity on a timeline.


Response & Prevention

Create customized conditional response playbooks that improve your security and DevOps processes and work with your existing technologies like F5.

F5 + Neosec: A Technology Partnership to Take Your API Security to the Next Level

Neosec integrates out of band with almost any API activity data source including F5. This enables you to get a clear and realistic view of your entire API estate passing through your F5 BIG-IP. Neosec integrates into the F5 BIG-IP in seconds using a simple and non-intrusive integration like iRule, traffic cloning and more. The power of the integration is the ability to get visibility into the API activity data and perform response automation actions in your F5 BIG-IP based on alerts created by Neosec.


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