The 10 Hottest Cybersecurity Startups Of 2021

Neosec Team
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As seen on CRN.

The 10 hottest cybersecurity startups include companies revealing threats hidden inside APIs, preventing data breaches on SaaS applications, and identifying vulnerabilities and risks in customer infrastructure.



CEO: Giora Engel

Neosec was founded in 2020 and in September closed a $20.7 million Series A funding round led by True Ventures, New Era Capital Partners, TLV and SixThirty to brings established techniques from XDR security products to reveal threats and business abuse hiding inside APIs. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based company employs 33 people, up from just 11 employees a year ago, according to LinkedIn.

The company’s technology finds all APIs involved with an organization based on existing logs without the need to install any sensors. Neosec establishes and constantly maintains a complete inventory of APIs in use and generates missing documentation for ones that are previously unknown.

Neosec audits the risk posture of all discovered APIs and identifies those transferring sensitive data, revealing any discrepancies between existing API documentation and the parameters of the API. The technology automatically learns the baseline behavior of every API user and client, enabling customers to see, investigate, and threat hunt using detailed timelines of behavior for each user entity.


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