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Keeping API-Reliant Systems Secure With Giora Engel

As heard on the Where Humanity Meets Technology Podcast.


More and more platforms rely on cloud solutions to facilitate their IT processes, making APIs one of the most critical elements of modern infrastructures. But just like any innovation, APIs come with unprecedented security threats companies must be prepared for.

Today, we sit down with Giora Engel, the co-founder of Neosec, an API cybersecurity platform that allows clients to monitor the security of their API endpoints. We talk about why API security is so important, how Neosec provides clients with all the necessary tools, and what the future holds for the cybersecurity industry.

[0:55] - Introduction of Guest Expert, Giora Engel
[1:25] - How Giora got into cybersecurity and APIs
[4:05] - The process behind implementing APIs
[7:55] - How Neosec protects client information
[9:55] - The layers of Neosec
[14:35] - The trends in API cybersecurity
[17:05] - The gaps in penetration testing 
[21:50] - The future of API cybersecurity
[23:45] - Giora’s advice for organizations


Important Quotes:

  • “Abuse can happen even if the API is perfect.”
  • “Most security teams today don’t have expertise in API security.”
  • “Most attacks happen on application environments in APIs.”
  • “The attackers shifted to types of attacks that are more directly equipped to achieve their goals.”
  • “We’re seeing people develop new APIs at a pace we’ve never seen before.”
  • “It's important to focus more on product and application security.”


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