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Let Neosec experts hunt for threats in your APIs

Neosec ShadowHunt is a managed threat hunting service that enhances your security team with expert Neosec analysts skilled in API threat hunting.

Why ShadowHunt?


Peace of mind that experts are examining your API activity


Detect more security threats lurking in your API data


More time for your team while Neosec focuses on API security


Actionable insights for software development & IT operations


Improved visibility into API behavior

Save Time with Expert Service


Ideal for understaffed teams or those lacking API security expertise, Neosec ShadowHunt is an outsourced resource that helps reduce risk. Neosec threat hunters work as an extension of your team to detect and report on the most clandestine and obfuscated attacks hiding in your API traffic.

ShadowHunt Analysts use the Neosec API Security Platform.


Get Smarter with ShadowHunt


Threat hunting represents one of the most advanced capabilities of the Neosec API security platform. The Neosec ShadowHunt service is intended for customers that lack the tools or expertise to threat-hunt on their own. ShadowHunt threat hunting alerts and reports help educate security professionals on the most current API problems. 


Find More Threats Lurking in the Shadows


ShadowHunt operations begin with the API activity data in the Neosec cloud platform.

Machine learning signals are delivered to ShadowHunt analysts for investigation. Human analysts rapidly identify active threats to create and transmit a ShadowHunt Alert.

Analysts and the Neosec API security research team consume threat intelligence information to provide up-to-date expert findings in alerts and reports.


Usable Threat Intelligence

ShadowHunt Alerts
ShadowHunt Alerts

Immediate notification of a threat in your API estate. The most important element of the Neosec ShadowHunt service is the Alert, transmitted immediately upon confirmation of an active incident.

ShadowHunt Emerging Threat Report

Gain early API security intelligence. The ShadowHunt Emerging Threat Report is based on the team’s access to global threat intelligence, input from the Neosec API security research team and ongoing threat hunting activities.

ShadowHunt Monthly Review

Full visibility into your API estate. The ShadowHunt Monthly Threat Report provides an overview of alerts, findings and investigations performed by threat hunters.

ShadowHunt Ask the Experts

Service subscribers have access to the ShadowHunt team for questions and discussions about both Alerts and Emerging Threat Reports.