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Find definitions and learn common and not-so-common industry terms. We’ll do our best to educate you on everything you need to become an expert in API security.


API Discovery

API discovery is the process of finding Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) created inside your organization or locating public APIs.

API Security

API security is the process of protecting APIs from attacks and is a critical concern for businesses.

API Security Assessment Questionnaire

An API Security Assessment Questionnaire is an important tool for evaluating the security of an organization's APIs.

API Security Audit

An API (Application Programming Interface) security audit is the process of reviewing and testing the security measures of an API to ensure that it is configured correctly and free from vulnerabilities.

API Security Consulting Provider

The primary goal of an API security provider is to help organizations protect their APIs from threats and vulnerabilities, ensuring that the data and services they provide access to are secure and protected.

API Sprawl

API Sprawl is a term used to describe the uncontrolled proliferation of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) within an organization.

Continuous Discovery

Continuous discovery involves the use of automated tools that scan the network, applications, and devices to identify all the APIs that are in use.

How To Prevent API Abuse

One of the most important steps in preventing API abuse is to implement authentication and authorization.

Mobile App API Security

APIs are the main communication channels between the mobile app and the back-end systems.

Threat Hunting

It's important to understand that threat hunting is not the same as traditional security monitoring. Security monitoring typically involves using automated tools to detect known threats and respond to them.

Top 10 API Security Risks

APIs can be vulnerable to a wide range of security risks, which can lead to data breaches, unauthorized access, and other forms of abuse.