Akamai acquires Neosec

The rise of APIs is not a new phenomenon, but the rise of API security is just beginning. APIs power the world's economy today by enabling access to the crown jewels of data. The security blindspot of APIs is growing bigger with every new API that is created and launched for businesses. But what is this blindspot?


The API Blindspot

Until now security has heavily been focused on websites and mobile apps and their dependence on APIs. However, these business-to-consumer APIs are only the tip of the iceberg and security measures have been developed such as WAFs, bot mitigation, and first generation API security tools to protect themselves. 

But the looming problem of APIs falls within business-to-business APIs. Most organizations don't have visibility into their API inventory landscape or how they are accessed, creating an API blindspot. B2B APIs are usually built in-house, for machine to machine processes, ultimately exposing the core business to the outside. They are assumed to be safe because access is typically granted to verified partners and users—but they are largely unprotected. Even perfectly written APIs can be abused. 

API security is the fastest growing attack surface in the industry and where Neosec is focused. 



Detect and Stop API Abuse

Neosec is built by industry veterans bringing the XDR approach we created at LightCyber and Palo Alto to solve the API problem. We are an AI-driven, a 100% SaaS platform, and have created the industry's first detection and response solution that performs true behavioral analytics. 

Our vision is to build an application security platform that unifies security and developers around a mission of delivering new capabilities faster while protecting their business from vulnerabilities, threats, and behavioral abuse.

Existing legacy solutions don't hit the mark, our data and analytics approach is reinventing API security. 





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