I am delighted to announce that Neosec has entered into a strategic partnership with Kong, a leader in API Management,  to provide advanced API threat protection for its enterprise customers. This partnership is a two-way integration of our platforms. We now offer Kong customers the ability to detect API threats with true behavioral analytics and uniquely the Neosec platform automatically creates security policies in Kong Gateway and enables automated responses. 

We at Neosec know that API Security cannot be an afterthought requiring complex deployment models. API Security at enterprise scale has to implicitly integrate with the existing infrastructure, rather than to require the per app traffic sensors and side-cars. Neosec is strategically forming technology partnerships with leading providers of digital business infrastructure to enable API security for large, complex enterprise environments.

Our engineers created this integration with the Kong Gateway and for a deeper explanation please read the technical blog post on the Kong website. This solution brief explains the joint Kong and Neosec offering.

Neosec is also offering Kong customers the opportunity to sign up for a complimentary API security assessment. This assessment allows Neosec to discover your entire API inventory and perform a gap analysis of APIs that are not managed by the Kong platform, and detect API vulnerabilities or misconfigurations.

Together with Reza Shafii, VP of Product at Kong, I will be presenting about this integration in an upcoming webinar titled “Leveling up your API Gateway with advanced threat protection” featuring Kong on January 19, 2022.

I want to thank the Kong team and Neosec team for all their hard work building this strategic technical alliance.


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