Akamai acquires Neosec

I met with Michael Hiskey, Chief Strategy Officer Data Connectors at the Dallas Cybersecurity Show to talk through challenges faced by cybersecurity professionals, API Security, and what we expect to see in 2022.


What are the biggest challenges faced by cybersecurity professionals?

As companies continue to advance their capabilities, there is infrastructure that moves from data centers to cloud environments and applications that people don’t have any visibility into. As the need for APIs continue to grow, so does the need for discovery and inventory which are exposed to the outside. Without any visibility, your company can’t ensure safe practices and security measures are in place. 


What tools should cybersecurity professionals look to have in place in 2022?

I think the number one question you need to ask yourself when evaluating any tool for your tech stack is really “what business problem does it solve?”  Specifically in our space look at where your business gaps lie, where you might find API abuse, or where someone can use your technology against you. 


Tell us about Neosec?

Neosec gives you security visibility into your API blind spot allowing you to easily investigate, threat hunt, and prevent business logic abuse across your API estate. Our vision is to build an application security platform that unifies security and developers around a mission of delivering new capabilities faster while protecting their business from vulnerabilities, threats, and behavioral abuse.


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