Akamai announces intent to acquire Neosec

Discovery & Risk Audit

Inventory all APIs and know which are risky

Discover the broadest range of APIs using existing log data. Coverage of your entire estate matters.

Neosec is out-of-band, works with your existing technologies, and helps unite security and devops teams to protect APIs.


Behavioral Analytics & Context

Reveal the story of threats and abuse in your APIs

Gain insights into real behavior. Make better security decisions by understanding the context and timeline behind every threat.


Investigations & Threat Hunting

Find hidden threats within your APIs

Powerful query tools allow you to investigate alerts and hunt for threats hiding in your API data.


Response & Prevention

Improve security and devops processes

Stop threats your way. Build your own automated responses using our powerful response engine.


“Because APIs expose core business functionality, the approach of applying AI-based behavior analysis to track and analyze all relationships between users and business entities is so critical for detecting abuse.”

Rinki Sethi, VP & CISO