Comprehensive AI-Based API Security

The Neosec cloud-based API security platform understands the complex relationships between your business logic and your APIs, protects against sophisticated threats, and enables DevSecOps teams to hunt, investigate and respond while constantly improving your APIs’ security posture.


Stop API Breaches

Based on clear business risk and impact


Managed Threat Hunting

Our team of experts complementing your DevSecOps teams


Detect, Investigate, Respond

All your data enriched and monitored using AI-based behavior analytics


AI-based big-data analytics produces the rich context required to accurately stop cyberattacks aimed at your APIs, while also providing you with unparalleled visibility into all enriched data.

Once the dev team saw the platform in action, they became genuinely enthusiastic about API security. The platform really brings together the security, API and DevOps teams, greatly speeding up API issue resolution.

After a short integration session, we gained visibility into the security posture of all our production APIs. We reached an understanding of user and partner behavior we did not have, uncovering API abuse with clear business impact.

While we knew that our APIs were under constant attack, the Neosec platform managed to detect the attacks that mattered, enabling us to automate mitigation.

One cloud-native platform, fully deployed in minutes, to protect your APIs.